Tuesday, November 1, 2011

alas sleepwear - new for alterior motif xx

ALAS Sleepwear has arrived at Alterior Motif. Just in time for balmy nights and weekends away. We love this little interivew with the two designers (Betony and Kelly)from the kind folks at Finders Keepers Markets.

Can you introduce your brand new label to our readers.ALAS sleepwear is made in India where the cotton is also grown, spun, woven and dyed. With fair trade accreditation, we can be sure that there are no children working and factory employees are treated fairly. All ALAS garments are constructed with 100% certified organic cotton which has been farmed without dangerous chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers. All packaging, swing tags and business cards are recycled and recyclable.

Our debut collection, entitled “Summer Sirocco” is inspired by memories of our last Moroccan holiday. Pomegranates for breakfast, colours woven into carpets, faded tiles smiling in symmetry.

What are your backgrounds and what inspired you to start ALAS?Kelly and I met on our first day of university – we studied Fashion design at QUT, Brisbane. Three years later we combined forces to  collaborate on our final collection – a colourful range of dresses, tees and screenprinted leggings- all created using eco fabrics such as bamboo, organic cotton and hemp blends. The collection then evolved into a small label called Two Beat Tremble. Two collections under our belt we decided to pause the label and go overseas. A year and a half was spent travelling, and living and working in London where we both designed for a vintage re-made label called My Only One that was stocked in Topshop. Upon our return to the home turf we happened to notice a lack of nice, organic sleepwear in Australia – and decided to fill that gap!

Why did you choose to gain fair trade accreditation for your label, and how important is this to you?It is of very high importance to us as designers to know where our materials are coming from, and who our garments are made by. We believe in transparency in the supply chain. It is difficult for small labels to achieve this but we will always strive to treat everyone with respect. We hope that our actions will make an imprint on our customers, who will in turn become more conscientious consumers.

Where do you get inspiration for ALAS?
Songs lyrics sung loudly on road trips, the creatures that live under the ocean… and in the mountains and forests and everywhere, the milky way (celestial, not chocolate), our funny friends, old and faded National Geographic, the curious shapes of fruits and vegetables, weird colour combinations. This list could go on forever, actually!

Where would you like to see your label grow to, and what new plans do you have for the label?
We would like to expand the label in the near future to include men’s, kids and babies pyjamas, and possibly a ‘luxe’ line with fancy fabrics such as silk and merino blends. We would also like ALAS to be stocked internationally, so people all over the world can sleep with smiles on their faces!

Available in store now - they come in the cutest little gift boxes too!! xx

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