Wednesday, November 9, 2011

flamenco baby xx

whimsical leathery goods hand tooled by a bohemian byron goddess for pirate lads and gypsy ladies... skeletons and roses, pearls, silver and wood, ships and crucifixes.

'Inspired by, vintage tattoos, pirates, travelling gypsies and meaningful symbols that represent a hidden message and envoke  positivity. These accessories are made from the heart and embedded with an essence found when you close your eyes and think, feel and connect to the peace and power of the ocean, the freedom of uncemmented dancing as though no-one is watching and the excitement of worldly travels and treasure hunting.'

flamenco baby has arrived at alterior motif and we couldn't be more in love. the softest leather hand tooled and matched with all of our favourite trinkety bits. these babies are all about the detail. all the pieces shown here are available in store now for your viewing and buying pleasure.
leather tooled cross necklace $280
fish hook leather wrap necklace $245
leather hand tooled cuffs $189
lethaer stud wrap $129
hand tooled leather skull necklace $249

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