Thursday, October 27, 2011

creating space II

a big thankyou to all who turned out for creating space II on the 23.10. much fun was had by all. fashion finds, bargains galore, beer and ping pong, sweet beats and loads of laughs. we loved every minute of it. afternoon markets stomping it out in the heat and the gravel to acousitc tunes. followed by beers upstairs in the just us gallery featuring an amazing pop up store from jamie fame, and burning bridges first collection. as well as isobel badins latest creations. also sneak peeks of one teaspoon, ox and hammer, the horse and design against cultures upcoming amazingness. rad cats 'sticks and stones agency' really deliver xx

photos courtesy of sunshine coast photographer janneke storm:

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  1. shame...looks like our move to the coast was a week late. will have to come in and check out the store.