Friday, September 30, 2011

A.M in the city

mamasan bondi. the best.

epic ring. amazing sake.

morning coffee and breakie at the best lil cafe in bondi. JEDs xx

meeting the locals on campbell parade.

bondi beach shopping. we love.

purely market research...

the wearers right. fashion ping pong and beers.

sneak peek - new label coming to alterior motif for the boys xx

stolen girlfriends we love you.




locals jamie fame.

local lovelies lilya xx

we love chilling with lilya xx

behind the action

vanishing elephant.

something else sunglasses - coming soon xx

something else love terrariums as much as we do.

we ventured to sydney recently for the wearer's right - a trade show showcasing our favourite labels.

we stayed in bondi. late night delicacies from mamasans.. morning pick me ups at jeds and cruising bondi's shopping hotspots - market research of course...

...and then we arrived at the horden pavillion for the main show TWR.
...amazing lace, fur, jewellery and knits at stolen girlfriends club (expect to see in store in autumn 2012)
...jamie fame and their hand carved styrofoam bones - epic!
...and of course our local loves lilya which can we say is the best collection yet. be prepared for lilya winter 2012 - our wish list is very long!
there was much beer and pingpong before heading to hugo's bar in the cross for a few (ahem) drinks.

day 2 was spent longing over more autumn winter treats, bassike and something else. who knew we would want winter again so soon! we can promise autumn winter 2012 for alterior motif will be full of colour, digital prints, luxe fabrics, detailing and textures xx

little glass gardens

we are really digging terrariums at the moment. they have made a comeback from the daggy aquarium days. collecting moss, crystals, and minature plants in glass and prisms seems so adorable. you will definitely see a few floating in our stores soon. little glass gardens..

paula hayes
the worship museum
matthew cleland
various from

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

karen walker eyewear spring/summer 2012 xx

loving this shape

karen walkers signature bunny

banana yellow LOVE


number twos are back! in crazy tort - these things will go bananas!


statement glasses for summer - check.

simple but amazing

super duper strengths are back too!

so got a few pics of the upcoming karen walker eyewear range for spring/summer 2012. don't even know the style names yet! makes me dream of summer ... the burning summer sun, bare skin, beachside cocktails and statement sunglasses. we have already picked out our favourites - let us know yours. the range should be arriving soon. keep your peepers on our facebook xx

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