Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Wanderer vs Nancy Sinatra

I am privileged enough to be One Teaspoon's QLD agent, and soooo  I got to see this incredible film when it was first released 6 months ago.. I was blown away then, and I am still blown away now.. All the cool bloggers are featuring it, which is a good sign. How GOOD is the song!! Originally by Cher and then redone by Nancy Sinatra...I downloaded it straight away..

Here is the full version.. oh and ps we have this range in store now xx

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  1. Bang Bang! Goodmorning little blogger!! I think they used this song in Pulp Fiction too, that just officially makes the song even cooler, hehe. Hey when I put you in my posts do you want me to link to you yet, or do you want to wait a bit more til you've finished tweaking your blog? Love u long time. xx